3 Ways to Recognize Doggy Depression

Is your best Friend not Herself?

When our lives get complicated, our beloved pets can sense it. They love us regardless of our circumstances. Has your partner left you? Do you worry about your employment? Are bills mounting up? Your real best friend can tell. So here’s three ways to identify that your dog is hurting with you.

1. Licks his balls daily.
This is a sign of lowered self esteem. He is reverberating your demeanor by telling you your as low as his nuts. Each lick is a tell tale sign of your suppressed lack of confidence.

2. Humps legs constantly.
He is only recognizing your loneliness and is acting out your sexual frustration by subtly jamming his crotch against any vertical appendage to demonstrate your inept ability to procreate.

3. Sniffs other dogs anuses.
She’s hoping through blatant disregard for common decency you’ll get the point that
your a loser. Don’t tell her she’s wrong. Show her your bank account. It’s a dog eat dog world. Listen to your dog and recognize, dogs are dumbed down wolves that actually have suppressed desires to eat you

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