ATF May Outlaw Lead in Bullets Due to Potential Poisoning

The ATF is Deeply Concerned About Lead Poisoning

In a bold move to lower the exposure to potential lead poisoning, the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agency is pushing ammunition makers to use steel in an attempt to lower the exposure to lead once a person is shot.

“When I took three to the chest all I could think about was lead poisoning up in my dome.” said Killa, a gangster of a notorious Los Angeles Blood set. Lead is known to cause brain disorders and potential birth defects in infants. “We just care about people’s health, if a person takes multiple gun shots the first thing people think about is saving their lives.

No one thinks about long term health affects” say Doctor Aaron I. Cally. Lead has gotten a lot of national exposure due to the Flint Michigan water crisis in 2015. However not all are on board for the new change in bullet composition. “If I pop a cap, I ain’t trying to worry about lead in they ass” says Big Busta. But law makers are hurrying to change the game due to pressure from the left wing media. Only time will tell if getting the lead out will raise the overall brain function of those who have taken bullets. And if they die, they can rest assured they didn’t go dying dumb.

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