Exclusive Peek at Drake’s New Track List

drakeDrake’s new album keeps it real And BuzzedLead has the exclusive track list. Drake might be the biggest hip hop star alive right now. However with numerous hits and collaborations under his belt his new album might be his best yet. The track list itself is sure to get people hyped.

We at BuzzedLead are proud to present the exclusive track list of his new album entitled “Up in the Club”.

So here we go:

Track 1: Up in the club

Track 2: Still up in the club

Track 3: Closin’ down the club

Track 4: Don’t really have anything to do today till it’s time to get back up in the club

Track 5: There are wars all over the world, what does that have to do with me being up in the club?

Track 6: People are getting randomly shot by terrorists and lunatics but I would never know cause guess where I am?

Track 7: I’m scared of clowns… up in the club

Track 8: There’s a lot of social issues I’m avoiding in my music, did I mention I was up in the club?

Track 9: Stairway to the club

Track 10: I’m starving, I’ve been in the club so long I could eat at Arby’s Omg!


Every track on that album is going up on a Tuesday. One hunnid percent platinum. Genius. Pure genius. I mean who wants to hear about social, environmental and personal issues in their music? Let’s be honest, we’d rather numb reality with $1500 bottles of average booze and get lit. Reality isn’t real, especially in the club. You nailed it Drake!

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