Grand Theft Auto 6 Bans Texting While Driving

Grand Theft Auto 6 to eliminate texting while driving

In a bold move to instill in the minds of young children that texting while driving is dangerous, GTA 6 will not allow a driver of a stolen vehicle to text while mowing down pedestrians.  “it’s time we take responsibility and teach our future drivers to be safe when operating a vehicle” says creator David Jones.

This may not resonate with the youth however.  “When I’m trying to text my plug, I don’t care if I hit a few pimps and ho’s with my ride!  Shouldn’t I get more points?” Say 11 year-old  Jimmy.  However, we say hats off to Rockstar games for taking action in preparing kids for safe driving habits after car jacking an old lady.

Expect more game game developers to embrace social awareness, current rumor has it that Doom 5 will eliminate fully automatic weapons in its new release.  It’s going to be a lot harder to shoot demon hordes with a 9mm.

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