Lil Wayne Introduces Cryptocurrency Bootycoin

Lil Wayne Introduces New Cryptocurrency
Make it Digitally Rain on Dem Hoes

Look out Bitcoin! Now you can make it digitally rain on dem hoes.

With so many banks closed at night making it hard to get your hands on low denomination currency, now you can bounce back like a boss! lil Wayne has solved the dilemma! His creation of Bootycoin is here!

Easy like E simply download the Bootycoin app and swipe it as you enter the club. This virtual bling will then go into the strippers of your choice account as you fling your fingers over your phone making it rain in what has been dubbed “fling bling”.

She’ll twerk and work for Bootycoin. Long time stripper Jezebel Jinx voiced her opinion, “With so much volatility in the global currency market, cryptocurrency allows for monetary stability and the broader scope of liquidity from the perspective of the commodities trade. The parabolic growth curve has trended positive and is bullish for the next fiscal year.”

True dat! So put your phones in the air, and swipe them like you just don’t care and get to flinging Bootycoin in a club near you.*
*not available in Utah

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