Mediocre Artist Draws Confidence from Japanese Tourist

Monterey, Ca – An aging businessman has taken up watercolor painting along a popular tourist path in Monterey Bay, Ca.  Tom Sheffield of industrial telecom fame has become a regular attraction for busloads of Japanese tourists.  “They just have so many cameras and they all want to take a picture of me working”, states Sheffield, “it helped me realize that I missed my true calling.”

Sheffield retired in 2016 and quickly realized he needed a hobby.  “I just always felt drawn to art, ever since my parents hung my first doodle on the fridge”, he says, “it’s really great that all that time in preschool would pay off so much later.”

Although sales for his work have been minimal, Sheffield believes his work is close to becoming a household name.  “I think there must be at least 3,000 to 4,000 pictures of my paintings every week.  You can’t buy that kind of PR.”

Although the tourists seemed unable to understand our questions about Sheffield’s work, they did seem very enthusiastic about photographing him and his easel, and the ocean, and his shoes, and the sidewalk, and their ice cream cones.  Mr. Sheffield is hoping to plan a gallery showing in the spring.

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