Mexican Network Univision to unveil “Real Housewives Of Tijuana”

Documenting the Garcia, Hernandez and Rodriquez family as they hawk Chiclets at the
boarder, this reality show is sure to be the lifestyle that can further stereotype Mexican culture.
Barely surviving to make ends meet will resonate with rubber necking Americans, curious as to what living on bare necessities and in virtual squalor is like.

“We believe Americans will dig deep into their emotions and hearts and stop wishing they were rich as they realize many people are poor and are content to simply have a meal each day” says an executive that shall remain nameless since he’s soon to be fired. These families are sure to grab no ones attention as they work from dawn till dusk selling questionably washed food stuffs and jumping onto car hoods to wash windshields.

Real Housewives of Tijuana will air January 30th and cancelled January 31st.

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