Nicki Minaj: “I Actually Wanted to Be a Nun”

nunHard to believe, but bad girl Nicki Minaj says in her recent memoir’s that she “actually wanted to be a nun.” She goes on to add, “I always thought the pope was sexy. I know that nuns don’t get to have sex, but I figured if I dropped it like it’s hot a few times maybe they would make an exception.”

We wondered what brought her to nearly becoming a staunch Catholic and depriving us of her incredibly raunchy music. “I guess I just love God. I love that he gave us the ability to use our bodies for money and to influence children that dressing like a slut is socially acceptable. So I wanted to give back.”

Such a selfless thought. In her recent provocative pose on the cover of the magazine Paper, her lesbian image is sure to resonate with nuns around the world. So wake up Catholics! Sexy is back! It won’t be long before the Arch Diocese makes it rain on the Vatican

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