“Potentially Hazardous” Asteroid to Pass Earth – Howard Handupme DNN

Howard Handupme Reports the Asteroid is Harmless

Pangaea, 60,000,003 BC – A massive asteroid that has zoomed past Earth more than 100 times in about the last 300 years is approaching another near-miss with the Earth tomorrow. The massive asteroid that experts at WESAYSO say poses a “potentially hazardous” threat to the Earth will zoom by harmlessly.  Astronomers say 0001 Phaethon will miss Earth and won’t fly this close again for another 1000 years.

The lead Astronomer for WESAYSO, Mr. Lizard, states that no asteroid, particularly those of the near-Earth variety, will hit our planet in our lifetime.  The ‘Hazardous’ asteroid is hurtling towards Earth at 45,000 mph and is set to reach us tomorrow.

However, if one of this size were to hit us, it could cause some serious damage.  “We would be looking at some serious cloud cover from the resulting volcanic disturbances and ash”, states Mr. Lizard, “it would be a great time to stock up on official WESAYSO heaters, blankets and sweaters to keep warm, because Dinosaurs need to stay warm.”

In the unlikely event of a collision, WESAYSO recommends staying indoors and drinking hot cocoa until the end of the cold snap.

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