Prefer Taco Truck Flavors? LA Restaurant Now Offering CockRoaches

Trendy Food Trucks are forcing LA restaurants to adapt their menus to compete.

Restaurants are upping their spice game

Los Angeles, Ca, BuzzedLead News-   The rising popularity of low-overhead gourmet food trucks in Southern California has created pressure on local restaurant owners to adapt their menus.  Young, hip foodies flock to the cheap and convenient menus offered on street corners.  What the trucks lack in tables and chairs, they make up for with unique, innovative flavors.  Restaurant owners say that this is changing flavor preferences.


“I have a $500,000.00 commercial kitchen and a staff of trained chefs”, states Paul Marks, manager of Che’ Cherie in Hollywood. “Those trucks can have 5 or 6 sweaty cooks dropping all sorts of secret ingredients into their dishes.  We need to compete by offering new spices and methods.” 


Improving on Food Truck Menus

Mr. Marks states that the new options will be condiments that the customer can order on the side.  “I can’t convince a French chef to add Cockroaches or sterilized skin tags to their dishes, so we will have them available on request for the customer”, states Marks, “we have to give the people what they want, even if that means rat dander and pubes.”


Che’ Cherie will begin offering the new condiments in the coming weeks.  Foodies rejoice!  Now you can get those funky fresh fusions with a table and a bathroom! 

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