Purina Introduces Doggie Dank

Dank Doggie Treats for Man's Best WingmanNew marijuana snacks for pets

For centuries cannabis has been smoked and consumed by humans and humans alone. But now, using breakthrough science Purina has developed the first pet safe ganja snacks.

Expected to fly off the shelves, Doggie Dank bars and its sister brand Kitty Chronic cookies are soon to put you and your best friend on a bake session for hours.

Finally, Spot can stop concerning himself with whether to warn you about potential house thieves and muggers because he’s roasted. No more embarrassing moments of Fido humping your friends leg, he’s too busy spending his day dreaming of good Buddha. Walking your dog, never again! He doesn’t move much anymore. And all those trips to the groomer? Nope, your pooch fur is pure natty dread.

So toke up with mans best friend, he’s gonna love having the munchies!

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