Rampant Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill Proves Training Works

Capitol-HillOn Thursday, November 9th, the Senate unanimously approved legislation that institutes mandatory sexual harassment training for senators and aides — a program that has been running with great success behind the scenes.
“When you look at how common sexual harassment is on the House floor, you just have to sit back and say; Wow!  We are really good at this” notes a White House staffer.  “I can’t imagine how we could get any better, but that’s what training is for.”
On Tuesday the 14th, Lawmakers described pervasive sexual harassment on Capitol Hill, but went further in a House Administration Committee hearing, stating that more should be done in the male-dominated workplace.
Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.), said in testimony before the panel that lawmakers should establish a uniform, streamlined process for sexual harassment training.
Not everyone feels the same. “Our mentoring program has worked for decades, and we don’t need to fall under a bureaucratic review system,” says one anonymous Senator. “Our boys love them some hot political science majors- DC is what they’ve been training for their whole lives.”
Time will tell if Senate representatives get the point of the training, or just maintain business as usual in Washington.
 What do you think? Can Washington get even better at sexual harassment?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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