Report: 38% of Merging BMW’s Suffer Performance Anxiety

Sorry, the beemer just got a little too excited.  OC Register

“It’s totally normal, this happens to a lot of BMW’s.” If you have ever heard this when failing to merge properly into high-speed traffic, take courage, according to the California Highway Patrol, it’s quite common.

In a report published Thursday, the CHP shared useful tips to help middle-age BMW owners get their midlife crisis into the fast lane.

Society Pressure

“One of the most common problems is drivers that just can’t seem to get it up to speed” states Officer Lou Tennant, “they get so worried about how they might look if they don’t perform, they end up hitting the brakes and feeling ashamed.”

The CHP recommends talking about your problem with your passenger and working on building confidence to push that petal down.

Putting off the Wrong Signals

“One bad experience can screw up your merging ability for years”, continues Officer Tennant, “the first time in your new 3 Series you think you own the road, but if nobody sees you, it can really shake your confidence in your status symbol.”  Tennant advises using the proper signals every time you merge to avoid this embarrassment.

Stopping Before you Start

One of the most difficult mistakes to overcome is stopping in the merge lane altogether. “It’s so difficult to get that vehicle from 0-65 in such a short amount of space.  Drivers think they are in control until they miss a gap, then they feel like they have nowhere to go.”  Officer Tennant advises deep breathing, focus, and getting the heck out of the way if you don’t know how to drive.


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