Should the Miami Hurricanes Change Their Name?

miami-hurricanesOn September 10th, 2017 Hurricane Irma made landfall on the Florida coast.  Millions were displaced, nearly $65 billion in damage was done, and 134 lost their lives.  Is the Hurricanes name insensitive to those that have lost loved ones?  Should the number #2 ranked NCAA football program make a change?  We interview hurricane Activist Joyce Follin for her take on this issue.

Ms. Follin, should families be concerned about the name “Miami Hurricanes”?

“I think so.  Those who have lost loved ones do not want to be reminded every time they see that logo.”

Why haven’t more people spoke out about this insensitive name?

“I think it basically comes down to human privilege.  They think they can just make a mockery out of any of God’s creations without considering it’s feelings.”

Wait, what?

“Just think about it, a hurricane being reduced to a puny football team?  It’s demeaning and derogatory.  It’s just another example of Atmospheric Stereotyping.

I’m sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding, we were talking about the loss of life from Irma.

“I realize that.  Those were a lot of lives lost because human privilege makes people think it’s ok to move into the natural habitat of hurricanes.  Did you ever stop to think that maybe we should get off their land?”

Um, you think that we are encroaching on hurricane habitat?

“Think?!  Science has confirmed the regular paths of hurricanes, that’s simple.  The important part is that this was the first time in recorded history that two Category 4 storms have made landfall in the US in the same year.  They’re having babies!  And we are just standing in the delivery room like ‘oh, sorry my 4 bedroom house is in the way’.  Like, c’mon, a hurricane mother has to eat.”

I am sorry, when I researched you I thought you were an activist against the Miami Hurricanes name, but you are an activist for hurricanes?

“Close enough, I hate football too.   Screaming coed’s with their midriffs painted dancing to brass bands and cheerleaders.  It’s like they’re mocking the mighty ‘cane.   Where were they when it made landfall- huh?!  THEY WEREN’T DANCING THEN WERE THEY?!  You want to talk football, lets talk football.  The real offensive line for the University of Miami is ‘Miami Hurricanes!’

I can see that you are upset, it must have been a traumatic experience.  Where were you when Irma made landfall?

“Oh, I was at my home glued to the TV in Atlanta.”

Wait, you don’t live in Florida?

“No way, I don’t like Cubans.”

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