Starkist Catch and Release Program Returns 100 Tons of Canned Tuna to the Ocean

Starkist Tuna Releases 100 tons of Canned Tuna Back to the OceanSamoa- Fishing giant Starkist Tuna is proud to announce it’s 1st annual Catch & Release program to demonstrate it’s dedication to sustainability. Starkist, owned by global S. Korean fishing giant Dongwon, is releasing 100 tons of wild-caught canned tuna into the South Pacific.

Although the environmental activist group Greenpeace rates Starkist tuna dead last in its 2017 tuna shopping guide, Dongwon is making strides to turn the public tide.

“Greenpeace says we don’t explain how we practice sustainable fishing”, states Andrew Choe, CEO of Starkist, “but we put them back, and in a can guaranteed to stay fresh for 5 years- how’s that for sustainability?!”

Critics of the program note that it will be difficult for whales to open the cans, but Starkist promises to leave at least a half-dozen immigrant fishermen in the water to help. “Our guys go overboard all the time”, states Choe, “people think this is a human rights issue, but it was always part of our plan to send them into the depths with can openers and mayonnaise. Whales love mayonnaise.”

Whales Love Mayonnaise
Whales Love Mayonnaise

The evidence linking Dongwon to environmental scandals and illegal fishing practices are really just misunderstandings according to Choe. This Catch & Release program is just one of the many Starkist initiatives to help people see that their goal has always been to support the health of the oceans.

And, best yet, Starkist is made in the USA, mostly.



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