Tyrod Taylor Too Stable for Bills Playoff Hopes

Buffalo fans were relieved today following the news that dependable QB Tyrod Taylor will not be starting next week against the Chargers.

Critics of the team, the entire nation, have noted the upside of the exciting young player, but complained about his lack of production.

“We want the ball in the air, the NFL is meant to be exciting”, explains coach McDermott, “we don’t even even care if we catch it, that’s why we gave him those lousy recievers.”

According to CBS sports, Taylor has the lowest career INT rating in NFL history (1.54) among players with a minimum of 1000 attempts.

“That stat just proves that he should be picking more passing plays,” states offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, “but what can I do? It’s not like I call the plays.”

Bills fans agree that having the same TD to INT ratio as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith is embarrassing.

“If you live in Buffalo you have made some mistakes in your life,” says local fan Gil Toms, “we don’t trust people that are playing all perfect and stuff.”

Fans will no doubt see a much different product this Sunday with Nathan Peterman.

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