Sony VCR Accuses Quentin Tarantino of Assault

tarantinoIn a shocking revelation obtained by BuzzedLead, a Sony VCR has accused superstar film director Quentin Tarantino of abuse at his former Santa Monica home.  The director of such huge hits as Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Death Proof is a notorious cinephile.

According to Sony, the two met in the electronics department of a Los Angeles area Kmart in 1986.  “He seemed so nice, and so knowledgeable about film” states VCR, “when he invited me to his house for dinner and a movie I thought – ‘sure, what’s the worst that could happen?’

But the evening did not go as planned according to VCR.  “He just forced himself on me.  He just kept hitting me with one campy kung-fu movie after another.  At one point during The Dragon Lives Again, he was just screaming at me about nunchucks, I don’t even know what nunchucks are.”

To make matters worse, Sony claims that she was held hostage by Tarantino.  “I was tied up in his living room for months.  He would just sit on his couch all day long and stare at me.  Sometimes he would throw popcorn or chips, but mostly he just used the remote to make me do whatever he wanted.  I think he got off on the control.”

VCR states that she was able to escape by shredding one of his tapes- a prized copy of Adiós, Sabata.  “He was furious, he dumped me back at Kmart like nothing had ever happened.   Then he picked up some other unsuspecting entertainment, I think her name was RCA or something.”  Despite her concerns, VCR states she was too broken to warn his new target.  “I was just exhausted- I couldn’t do it anymore.  And I couldn’t let him think that I was ok.  But I feel so guilty.”

VCR says that she never saw the director again.   Requests from Tarantino’s publicist have not been acknowledged.  We will have to wait and see the public’s response to these allegations.

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