Voter Criticizes Tax Bill While Selling Blood for Visa Bill

A Washington area resident decried the tax reform bill today while visiting a plasma collection lab. “These heartless politicians are such money hungry jerks, all they want to do is enrich themselves”, he stated, asking, “is my type more valuable?  I’m an AB and really need to cover my new Jordan 3’s.”

The recent bill signed into law by president Trump has met heavy criticism as a money grab for corporate politicians. “It’s all about their mansions and their Armani suits”, the patient continued, “it’s so hard to appear to keep up with their lifestyle, it’s making my head spin, that and the sudden loss of blood pressure.”

Amateur and expert economists alike have been wary of the ‘trickle-down economic’ strategy being employed in the reforms.  “It just doesn’t work.  I don’t think that if a company has more money they would spend more on their employees.  Everyone knows that when you make more money, you just spend 3x more then you earn, and you put it on credit.  It’s all about cash back rewards, that’s how I got a free lunch yesterday.”

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